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Shannon from corporate office who is the person in contact with buyers regarding the process to purchase a home is completely rude and so arrogant. She is the reason I no longer will purchase the home with History Maker.

Not only because of the way she was communicating with me but also for the fact she hung up on me.

If she's the person in contact with buyers to get them to continue with the process, then she's the wrong person for that job since she's the reason they no longer have this buyer. She's so unprofessional that she continues to email you with nonsense.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Southlake, Texas, United States #956509

This is a disheartening review to defame a Sales Manager that exhibits strong integrity, professionalism and has an extensive homebuilding and management background. The company should reach out to this consumer and not allow a defamation of someone's character.

Appears this person may not have followed the appropriate procedure and unhappy when reached out due to their default of their legal agreement. A company's policy is being forwarded through management and rather than have "sour grapes" and defame someone (and cause legal implications by stating negative comments about a company or person) this consumer maybe should have thought about their role in the situation. This company should have responded and supported this sales manager. Shannon Kivlehan is one of the most professional, empathetic and caring Sales Managers that works in the building industry.

This is a poor reflection of someone with a strong character and unfortunate that the company did not comment regarding post.

We have the ability to work with this sales manager and she is one of the best. This post should be deleted as it shows no merit.


Sorry you feel that way but your statement means nothing since there were more individuals who were doing business with the company who felt the same way about her and guess what? She no longer works there.

And guess why? Well I'm sure you're intelligent enough to figure it out. I chose to share my experience and you are focusing on how people are making her seem when she clearly showed how she was on her own and I'm sharing what took place.

If you think this is false, do yourself a favor and call the company yourself before wasting your time making ignorant comments. You are taking this to personal as if you were her and probably because you didn't experience her horrible approach.

to PotentialBuyer #971100

This is a sad little website - however, it was not a negative experience with Shannon, she was great, the sales person we had was terrible,Dolores Ordaz . We were building a home for our children to attend UNT and she was willing to help and update where Dolores made promises she could not comply with on our sale.

We never received a call from their Vice President, Mike Tadlock as we were told several times. The issue we had was with Mike Tadlock not following up (and apparently in our community and from what Dolores stated to us, this is the main issue at History Maker Homes that he was not giving her the answers she needed and did not call when we requested). We had a good experience with Shannon and feel awful that this was posted. I know that Shannon is working for a highly esteemed builder and she was the best thing about this experience in Windsor for our family.

I will call the company as we need them to know she was great and I know others in the neighborhood feel the same, the issue was above her.

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