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Noticed this morning 12/25/2015 that we have cracks in the ceiling, walls and baseboards....just sent in report to History Maker Homes....they haven't responded yet, but will give them the opportunity to respond and repair before I say anything negative, but from what I'm reading on here it's doesn't look good for me. We moved in on 3/6/2015....in November I noticed doors sticking and not closing then today noticed 1/4 to 1/2 inch cracks in ceiling and walls....wish me luck.

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Warranty guy for History Maker Homes came out yesterday and said foundation wasn't cracked but that since houses or this house I bought was constructed where the interior walls weren't load bearing walls but that the exterior walls beared the weight of the structure. Steve (the warranty guy) said with all the rain that we've been having the outside edges of the concrete is rising which in turn is raising the load bearing parts of our house causing separation from the interior walls thus having 1/2 cracks between our walls and ceilings....he said they would come out and repair the cracks which I'm guessing means they will fill them with putty and paint over them......he said that this could happen again and since my structural part of the warranty will be up in March it would be my responsibility to make repairs after that.

Please tell me in what world where you spend thousands of $ that this would be acceptable. I told him I was going to hire a structural engineer to inspect my home for $500.00 if the structural engineers comes back and confirms what he said then we will discuss the next step if he tells me something is wrong with my slab....I want my $500 reimbursed to me and I want the slab repaired. Steve said he will have to check with his manager to find out if they could do that.....my feeling is that if I have to spend $ for something they should of done in the first place they should reimburse me fully!

At this point I am waiting to hear back from Steve.

to Anonymous #1088058

Basically, it comes down to IF you find they did not do the foundation to code. IF they didn't you have both a legal and contractual case.

NOT only on the existing cracks but the entire foundation where not to code. IF however, is to code they contractually will likely only be responsible for repairing that which is damaged. As far as the $500.00. If they did not agree to that up front they are NOT obligated to pay it UNLESS it is found foundation is not to code.

Then you can take them to court over it.

It sucks, but the ball is always in their court it seems. :-( Good luck.

to Anonymous #1368003

what happened? You never left another message to this.

I am worried about everything I see here.

My goodness. I hope things worked in your favor.

to Anonymous #1379569

They fixed the cracks cosmetically but this past spring I noticed one of the cables that is built into my foundation has broken and is sticking out the side of my foundation....not sure what that means but it doesn't look good for me. You should really weigh your purchase options before buying a History Maker Home.

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